Email archiving

Email archiving is a stand-alone IT application that works with an email server to help manage an organization's email messages. It captures and preserves all email traffic flowing into and out of the email server so it can be accessed quickly at a later date from a centrally managed location. When the need arises to search historical email for internal investigations or for a court-ordered legal discovery, organizations can search thousands of email records in seconds using search tools embedded in the email archiving system. Most Email Archiving applications support archiving of all aspects of a mailbox including public folders, offline PST files, calendars, contacts, notes, and associated metadataand context in addition to the emails. Email archiving can also enable applications for end-user search, data protection, disaster recovery, eDiscovery, and compliance supervision.

Email archiving applications capture email content on magnetic disk storage in one of two methods. One method is to capture email directly from the email application itself. (e.g. Microsoft Exchange, IBM Notes, Novell GroupWise, Sendmail, Imail). The alternative method captures email content during transport via an agent installed at network gateway.

A few reasons why organizations implement email archiving:

• To enable email users who send and receive hundreds of email messages each day to have unlimited mailbox capacity and fingertip access to years' worth of email

• To offload data from the production email server for increased performance and storage efficiency while preserving access to end users

• To meet litigation, regulatory, and/or business records retention requirements by enabling compliance and legal officers to easily search email stored in the archive

Email archiving solutions improve email server performance and storage efficiency by removing email and attachments from the messaging server based on administrator defined policies. Archived email and attachments remain accessible to end users via the existing email client applications.